Advanced surveillance tower deployed in shopping center parking lot with yellow police tape, preventing holiday crime surge.

Enhance Holiday Security: Combat Crime Surges with Advanced Surveillance

Holiday shoppers will hit malls and stores in record numbers this month, and the crime rate could as well. Strategically placing a high-resolution surveillance tool in a shopping center parking lot increases security and decreases theft and crime!

As states eased pandemic restrictions in 2021, organized retail theft has taken a stiff rise. This means the loss is anticipated to be even greater than the 2019 all-time high of $61.7 billion! With theft comes aggressive behavior and violence, and it’s more important than ever that businesses have a security system they can trust.

Let’s look at the methods of security surveillance available to the market:

  • Drone ­– It affords a bird’s-eye view and is quick to deploy, but the battery life only affords 20-30 minutes of effective surveillance. Drones also cannot be flown over crowds (where most crime is committed) and in inclement weather. Plus, it must be stored inside.

  •  Flir Skywatch – Its hefty price tag (over $100k) carries with it some hefty maintenance as well. Most concerning, the security officer manning the apparatus is literally a “sitting duck” for criminals.

 Now let’s consider The RATT. The RATT is quick, effective, and is a vast technological improvement over previous methods of providing situational awareness. It is a portable tower that gives you the ability to deploy multiple devices within minutes. This includes surveillance cameras, radio antennas, signal boosters, outdoor WiFi, and lighting exactly where you need it, when you need it. You can have eyes in the sky up to 35’ within five minutes.

 Each of the above mentioned surveillance tools have incorporated a few key components of effective surveillance technology, but only The RATT has them all:

  • The RATT can be deployed by one person.

  • The RATT does not need to be personally manned and can be attached to the back of any vehicle that has a 2×2” hitch. 

  • The Rapid Deployment Kit runs off a 12V DC plug and can be stored inside or out. 

  • Most critical, within five minutes of putting your vehicle in park, you can deploy The RATT’s telescopic mast and obtain aerial surveillance, immediately providing a live-stream feed of a high-crime area to first responders.

It’s easy, it’s effective, and it’s cutting-edge technology. The RATT is the answer to this year’s problems of theft and crime!

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