SUV equipped with Hitch-Mounted RATT in a snowy street during the first snowstorm of 2024, enhancing public safety through real-time road condition monitoring.

Real-Time Snowstorm Monitoring: ACEMA’s Hitch-Mounted RATT Enhances Road Safety

RQ621 portable camera kit mounted on a tripod outside Anderson County Emergency Management, crucial for maintaining road safety during heavy snowfall.In response to the first snowstorm of 2024, the Anderson County Emergency Management Agency (ACEMA) took proactive measures by deploying their Hitch-Mounted RATT to monitor weather conditions and enhance public safety. The Hitch-Mounted RATT paired with a RQ621 portable camera kit serves as a valuable tool for gathering real-time information, and in this case, it was used to monitor the impact of the snowstorm, particularly on road conditions.

According to Director Brice Kidwell, “During the Severe Winter Weather that began January 14th, 2024, Anderson County Emergency Management Agency deployed The RATT to give our community a first-hand look at road conditions, eliminating the need to have citizens traverse the dangerous roads themselves. As The RATT was in use, the built-in wiper on the RQ621 consistently cleared the camera lens of snow and ice.”

The ACEMA’s Hitch-Mounted RATT is equipped with an advanced RQ621 portable camera kit that allows for effective monitoring despite challenging weather conditions, such as heavy snowfall. The built-in wiper on the RQ621 camera played a crucial role in maintaining visibility, ensuring that the camera lens remained clear even in the face of heavy snow. This feature was essential for providing citizens with an accurate and up-to-date view of the road conditions during adverse weather. Additionally, ACEMA effortlessly redeployed the RQ621 camera from the Hitch-Mount to the freestanding tripod legs as their mast is part of The RATT’s new field-swappable platform. In a matter of minutes, they seamlessly transitioned from a mobile command post powered via 12v DC, to a fixed command post powered via 110v AC. 

By utilizing this technology, the ACEMA aims to keep the community well-informed about the current state of the roads, enabling residents to make informed decisions about travel and helping emergency services respond effectively to any incidents that may arise due to the snowstorm. The deployment of such innovative solutions reflects the agency’s commitment to leveraging technology for the safety and well-being of the community during challenging weather events.

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