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Advanced Mobile Video Surveillance System: Adaptable, Affordable, and Tactical

Mobile Video Surveillance System

At the recent TREXPO, we ran across a new technology that makes mobile video surveillance affordable to most any department of military organization. The one thing that struck as the adaptability of the system. It can be fitted to any vehicle with a standard trailer hitch and is powered through a simple cigarette lighter adapter. This means you don’t have to purchase an entirely new vehicle, but rather can adapt different vehicles for use as a surveillance system. For example, a van could be used during urban ops or a 4-wheel drive vehicle for use in rural areas and these same vehicles can be used for other purposes when the system is not in use. Additionally, it doesn’t require any long-term institutional training but can rather be learned on the job.

Both Luke and Holloman AFB have recently obtained Mobile Video Surveillance (MVS) systems from Venture Tec LLC (now Critical Tech Solutions). The system is unique in that it incorporates an adjustable, telescopic mast hitch, which allows users to position the mast vertically at any location, including uneven or sloping terrain. The unit weighs approximately 85 pounds and unlike a trailer-mounted system, this surveillance system can be used anywhere the vehicle can go

The MVS system attaches to any vehicle with a standard 2×2” Class III receiver, requiring no vehicle modification and it pneumatically telescopes to elevations up to 32 feet. It’s simple to use, takes only a minute to raise or lower, and can operate day or night in all weather conditions. The MVS system can be equipped with a long range visible light camera and a thermal camera for complete darkness. All surveillance is done from inside the safety and comfort of the vehicle or command center, and all video is recorded with a date/time stamp. To operate the system, users simply tilt the mast to find vertical, lock it in place, and raise the mast to the desired height. The PTZ controller and video display provide an unparalleled view from above in all directions. When ready to relocate, users simply open the air release valve to lower the mast.

Read the full article at Soldier Systems.

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