Dark storm clouds over urban area underscore the urgency for deploying portable towers in natural disaster scenarios.

Rapid Deployment Portable Towers: Essential for Natural Disaster Response

When natural disaster strikes, first responders have minutes, not hours or days, to save lives. Failed communications can be a matter of life or death, so losing connectivity for any length of time is simply not an option.

Natural Disaster & Telescoping Towers

Fortunately, first responders have found the answer to successful emergency communications  through the deployment of portable towers.  Known by names like COWs (Cell On Wheels), COLTs (Cell on Light Trucks), or SOWs (Site on Wheels), portable towers helped restore critical  communications during Hurricane Harvey in Texas. One of the primary benefits of The RATT telescoping mast is its unique ability to withstand tough weather environments, making it an invaluable rapidly deployable asset before, during, and after a natural disaster.

Instant Images that Provide Critical Information

In the wake of these natural disasters, The RATT can function as a weather station antenna and/or provide a high-resolution camera platform with pan, tilt & zoom (PTZ) capabilities.  The RATT’s pneumatic telescopic mast system can improve two-way radio and LTE connectivity by elevating an antenna over 30’.

The RATT’s state-of-the-art technology meets critical communication needs and is more user-friendly than one would think possible. In less than two minutes, these portable towers can be elevated over 30’ by a single person. No special vehicle is needed; simply connect The RATT to any 2” hitch receiver & drive. You can also mount the telescoping mast to a wall, tripod or trailer.

Minutes Can Save Lives

When tragedy strikes, rapid deployment portable towers is the answer.

Devastation captured post-natural disaster, highlighting the critical role of portable towers in emergency management.
In the aftermath of a natural disaster, The RATT can aid in search and rescue situations by providing an elevated view of a devastated area, aiding first responders in potentially locating trapped or hurt disaster victims.

The RATT is a rapid deployment tower that offers quick setup and dependability in most weather conditions. No existing structure and virtually no time is needed to set up a mobile command center and deploy P25 control station antennas, LTE signal boosters and even HPUE devices on FirstNet. 

We always hope that natural disasters are few and far between, but know they do occur frequently. When they do, our first responders need mission-critical solutions they can deploy in minutes. The RATT provides a rapid aerial platform to support cameras, antennas & more.

The RATT is proudly manufactured in the United States and is TAA & NDAA compliant.

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