Wall-mounted RATT system at Knoxville Catholic High School providing unique sports angles and campus security surveillance.

Enhanced Sports and Security: The RATT Revolution at Knoxville Catholic High

Knoxville Catholic High School’s deployment of The RATT, as described by Guy Shelton, the head of the Irish Media Network, showcases its transformative impact on both sports broadcasting and campus security. The RATT proves to be a game-changer for their sports coverage, particularly in football, where traditional high-end zone cameras are impractical due to the layout of the field. The RQ621, attached to the Wall-Mounted RATT on the side of the building near the end zone, provides the perspective that is needed for both broadcasts and team game footage. With its simple deployment, which can be easily managed by high school students and staff alike, The RATT offers a unique angle to capture the game. 

Moreover, the camera’s network-based functionality streamlines video routing, connecting seamlessly to the school network. This allows for multi-purpose applications, from play-by-play recordings in the football team’s press box to centralized control room broadcasting. Beyond sports, The RATT serves the school’s security needs. The school resource officer utilizes the camera to patrol campus areas that are otherwise challenging to view. Its 24/7 guard tour feature ensures continuous surveillance, contributing to campus security even during non-football times. The RATT’s versatility and simplicity make it a valuable asset not only for sports production but also for enhancing overall campus security at Knoxville Catholic High School.

Silhouette of the RATT system camera mounted on a pole, with the sun backlighting, used for security and sports at Knoxville Catholic High School.
Irish Media Network trailer at Knoxville Catholic High School in front of the RATT system for enhanced sports broadcasts and security.

“My name is Guy Shelton and I run the Irish Media Network at Knoxville Catholic High School. The RATT is a game changer for high school sports and security. We are a student based broadcasting network that primarily covers sporting events, concerts, news productions and independent filmmaking. 

The RATT has been an instrumental tool in achieving a professional grade look in our sports broadcast. Due to the geography of our football field we do not have the ability to have a traditional high end zone camera. The RATT has granted us that otherwise inaccessible angle through its simple installation onto the side of a building in our end zone. 

We use this for both broadcast and team game footage. This gives our football team a unique angle to view every play from, and our broadcast team the ability to have the professional standard high endzone look. 

We mainly use this camera for field goals and extra point attempts as well as the sky cam style look of ordinary plays. Its deployment is also incredibly simple. Either turn on the electric pump or simply hand pump the mast a few dozen times and our camera goes from 10 feet in the air to over 30. Because it is so simple, I can send a high schooler to deploy the camera and that is part of the reason I personally enjoy The RATT system so much.

This camera is network-based, which also simplifies our video routing. By connecting to our existing school network we are able to pull this camera feed into both our press box for the football team’s play by play recordings, and in our centralized control room in the school for our broadcast use. Beyond all of this, The RATT can even be deployed off-campus. Simply by disconnecting from the wall mount and connecting to a tripod and a hotspot, the football team can use an iPad to control the game footage for away game applications. It is the versatility and ease of use that make this system truly unique.

We also don’t give The RATT a break during non-football times. Our school resource officer uses the camera to help patrol our campus and see locations he otherwise wouldn’t have access to all while being able to stay within the school building. We commonly use the guard tour feature to have the camera survey different locations around our campus so when it’s not in use for sports production, it still serves a purpose 24/7/365. The RATT has been a game changer for not only our broadcast, but our school as a whole. Whether your team is looking at a way to see game footage or your school is looking for a security implementation, or both, this camera system is one of the best on the market.

Beyond all of that the support staff at The RATT could not be better. Mark, Carson, and Chris have always been quick to respond anytime we have had an issue and have even gone as far as coming out to the school campus to help troubleshoot. Between the quality of service and products you can’t go wrong with a RATT.” Guy Shelton @ Irish Media Network

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