The RATT surveillance system deployed from the back of a Ford Explorer, enhancing law enforcement's situational awareness.

Enhance Situational Awareness with the Rapid All-Terrain Tower (RATT)

For law enforcement and other similar agencies, situational awareness is critical. There is always a need for more eyes and ears around to support a swift and effective response to various situations.

This is where The Rapid All-Terrain Tower (RATT) comes into play.

The RATT is the next-generation version of the previous Mobile Video Surveillance (MVS) System. The RATT builds upon the success of the MVS, adding more payload and many new options such as now being “field swappable”, meaning that not only can you deploy this pneumatic mast on a vehicle but also move it to tripod legs or a trailer wall in seconds as your mission requirements change!

It also boasts greater structural stability and enhanced usability on all terrains. The Rapid All-Terrain Tower boasts a low-maintenance design that can be deployed by almost anyone, with minimal training involved.

It is an easy-to-use technology that can provide a multitude of benefits to various industries and agencies.

To learn more about The Rapid All-Terrain Tower and how it can serve your needs, keep reading.

What Is The Rapid All-Terrain Tower?

The Rapid All-Terrain Tower is a portable tower with a flexible design. It has the ability to quickly deploy various devices including cameras, antennas, cellular boosters, and lighting.

It provides overall control and awareness from multiple angles and vantage points. This technology is useful for a variety of settings, removing the need for mobile surveillance trailers that can be slow and bulky.

Instead, The RATT provides quick and easy deployment of various portable tower equipment. Footage from The RATT’s pole camera can be live-streamed, and/or stored locally or to the cloud.

Not only will it help agencies review incidents from various angles, but simply having a telescopic tower in place can help deter future events.

The RATT is unique as deployment is simple and efficient—less than half the time of any competitor. Plus, set-up and operation only requires one person. There is no training or licensing required to operate The RATT.

How Does It Work?

The RATT is portable and easy to operate.

The set-up process is simple. It takes one person under five minutes to set up by simply attaching to any standard Class III 2×2” hitch receiver. The portable tower is powered by either a hand pump or by your vehicle’s 12V DC accessory port.

From there, it’s ready to go anywhere your vehicle can go. Once installed, operation is simple. You can begin deploying your system to monitor surroundings easily.

A variety of devices can be deployed with The RATT. Current applications include:

Video analytics (face, appearance, license plates)

Firefighting (thermal camera for smoke/hot spots)

Situational awareness/investigations

Tactical long-range surveillance

Monitoring large public events

Crime scene surveillance/deterrent

RF/WiFi/Mobile Repeater Antenna

Long-range acoustic devices

Monitoring construction sites

Edge network applications

UAV/Drone detection/antenna

Accident response


One of the key features is rapid aerial surveillance at any hour of the day. The telescopic mast can elevate to 20-50 feet.

This process takes less than 5 minutes, and can even be used on uneven terrain. This means nearly any hitch-equipped vehicle can be converted into a law enforcement mobile surveillance tower in minutes.

What Industries Does It Serve?

The Rapid All-Terrain Tower best serves first responders, other law enforcement, and non-public safety government agencies. As it currently stands, The RATT is currently deployed by the US Military, Department of Defense, FBI, TSA, and other agencies worldwide.

It is also used by many public safety agencies at the national, state, and local levels. These agencies use The RATT for diverse missions including critical incidents, special events, video surveillance, search and rescue operations, and thermal imaging—just to name a few.

In addition to these uses, there are always increasing options for this technology.

The RATT can be used by firefighters with a thermal camera attachment to detect smoke and hotspots. This technology has also expanded to address growing concerns with the COVID-19 pandemic.

In particular, various Army programs within the US Department of Defense have used thermal cameras to detect higher body heats that may indicate COVID-19 infection.

This could serve as a possible application of The RATT in spotting potential carriers of the disease, even from a distance. This is just one example—with The Rapid All-Terrain Tower, the possibilities are endless.

Beyond Law Enforcement

In addition to law enforcement and government-related activities, other industries can benefit from this technology as well.

The Rapid All-Terrain Tower can be useful in any large crowd situation. Monitoring large groups of people requires various angles and high vantage points, even from a non-policing perspective.

Important tasks like keeping track of capacities and wait times for various events, or reviewing parking availabilities are made easy with a portable, telescopic tower.

Another example is real estate. By providing unmatched vantage points, real estate agents can capture beautiful photos, videos, and time-lapses. Unlike drone systems or other photography equipment, deployment is simple and there is minimal training involved.

Drone systems usually require an FAA license to operate, and there is technical training required to successfully operate the device.

This is The RATT’s difference. Simply park a car, deploy the device, and within minutes you’re good to go. The Rapid All-Terrain Tower also serves as a security camera, monitoring vacant homes and construction sites for vandals and thieves.

Consider The Rapid All-Terrain Tower for Your Team

Whether it be law enforcement, private business, or simply personal surveillance needs—The Rapid All-Terrain Tower is your solution. With portable towers ready to be equipped with lights, cameras, and other equipment, the possibilities are truly endless.

Most of The RATT packages are built to order, giving an estimated delivery window of 4-6 weeks from the date of order. If you are considering implementing this technology for your business or agency, act now to get ahead.

Contact us today for more information or to request a quote!

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