A dense crowd of protesters with placards demonstrating the need for video surveillance to ensure public event security.

Enhance Event Safety with Essential Video Surveillance Strategies

Do you belong in an industry where outdoor events are a staple? Then you need to focus on the level of security during and after the event.

Though the pandemic sidelined outdoor gatherings and other events, a semblance of normalcy will return sooner or later. Thus, you cannot take for granted the aspect of security for your next big outdoor event.

Keeping watch over hundreds or even thousands of attendees is a tall order and such a daunting task calls for a top-notch safety plan; therefore, the need for reliable video surveillance equipment is non-negotiable.

You may wonder, is it truly a wise investment? What are the key benefits of using mobile video surveillance?

Continue reading below as we discuss the reasons why you need video surveillance.

Boost Sense of Security

A video surveillance camera can boost your sense of security many times over. This is one of the main reasons companies incorporate security surveillance into their safety plan.

Ensuring the safety and security of your events covers different elements. You need to watch over everyone attending the event. You also need to secure the safety of property such as equipment and the like.

You also need to stay a step ahead of possible event disruptions. These can include riots, cancellations, and other untoward incidents that may lead to chaos.

Through video surveillance, you can have the assurance that your people can stay on top of things: if there is trouble brewing, the cameras can help you see what’s happening on the ground.

Video surveillance cameras can lower the chance of crimes occuring during the event. As your security team has extensive vantage points, they can act swiftly, address thefts and respond to other kinds of emergencies.

In turn, attendees will enjoy peace of mind knowing that someone is looking closely for any possible hiccups. Additionally, this will reflect positively on your brand, helping you gain people’s trust as the attendees feel safer during the event.

Utilize Remote Monitoring

Mobile video surveillance also provides remote monitoring. This means you can see everything that’s happening on the ground even if you’re thousands of miles away.

Digital surveillance systems allow you to connect the camera feed to your other devices such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. From these devices, you can log in to the security system any time.

Thereafter, you can see all the footage from any camera you choose. You can also look at archived footage to see things that you earlier missed.

As long as you have a reliable internet connection, you can continuously see what’s happening in different areas throughout the event.

Save Time Through Distributed Intelligence

One of the key challenges with traditional analog security systems is having someone watch the video footage every hour. This is a tall order, considering the limitations surrounding the person that you will assign to stay in front of the monitor.

Thankfully, digital surveillance systems can address this challenge through distributed intelligence. This involves the use of software programs that detect certain motions within the footage.

For example, something untoward is happening during the event. The software can look into these areas and behaviors through movement pattern recognition. Once the system detects the movement, it will send out an alert.

From there, your security team can act on the problem swiftly. This technology removes the need for someone to fix their eyes on the screen for the duration of the event. This allows your team to focus on other tasks without worrying about missing an incident on the ground.

Additionally, there are video surveillance kits that offer more outdoor mobility. Today, you can invest in a surveillance trailer with a telescoping mast. This allows you to have visual coverage in sprawling spaces with ease.

Reduce Security Expenses

A reliable video surveillance system can help reduce your security operating expenses. Sure, you will need to hire plenty of guards to secure the premises during your event; however, you need not hire too many if you have a dependable surveillance system in place.

You don’t need to have someone manning the screen at all times; this allows your security team more mobility knowing that the security system will alert them of any untoward incident.

The cameras will give you more coverage and oversight across the area. In turn, you can reduce the number of guards that will patrol the area throughout the night.

Additionally, you do not need to invest in physical infrastructure and other equipment. Since the cameras can transmit data online, all you need is a reliable internet connection to enjoy top-notch coverage.

Key Considerations Before Using Video Surveillance

To have extensive coverage of outdoor events, a telescoping mast is your best bet. It offers the same high-quality perspective of drone surveillance but without the operational hassles.

There are some key factors to consider when buying a telescoping mast. First, you want to look at the ease of deployment. You want a surveillance mast that can be deployed in under five minutes.

Another key factor is performance during poor environmental conditions. Since some outdoor events take place in the evening, you want a surveillance camera that delivers remarkable performance in the dark. You also want the same thing during inclement weather.

You also want the telescoping mast to be built with durable materials. This is crucial since you never know how often you’ll handle outdoor events. You also don’t want to invest in something that will need repairs after a few months.

Let’s Boost Your Safety Plan Today!

Through video surveillance, you will enjoy better ground monitoring. Your team will have better mobility and coverage, allowing them to act quickly. If you’re searching for a reliable video surveillance system, then you came to the right place.

We offer mobile telescopic towers for your video surveillance needs. Connect with us today or request a free quote. Let’s boost your outdoor safety plan today!

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