Telescopic Mast Applications

Hazmat incident team truck with deployed RATT camera monitoring smoke and fire conditions at Andy's Ridge

Critical Incidents

Eyes on the scene in minutes, and remote command & control.

Jonesboro Police using RATT for rapid surveillance setup at the Arkansas State Fair.

Special Events

Safely monitor protests, outdoor events, sites & more.

Officers from NIPAS prepare the RATT system for operational use at a critical incident with a barricaded suspect.

Mobile Surveillance

Deploy 360° PTZ for SWAT, serving warrants & investigations.

Crowd surveillance camera mounted on police vehicle at daytime fair.

Situational Awareness

360° PTZ or panoramic camera to capture any outdoor event day or night.

Thermal image of industrial facility captured by Axis thermal camera

Thermal Imaging

See through smoke & detect hotspots on the fireground and nighttime surveillance.


Crime Scene Video

A tool for forensics to capture crime scenes, accidents & more.

Search & Rescue

Mount on any off-road vehicle with 2x2” hitch receiver & go.

Overhead view of a white car and two pedestrians crossing the street, with red and blue detection boxes highlighting objects identified by an Axis object analytics camera.

AI - Video Analytics

Amplify your AI efforts in minutes & pull into your existing VMS.

Overhead view of a racetrack with red triangular icons and circular range markers indicating detected objects by an Axis radar system.

Surveillance Radar

Detect, classify and automatically track people & vehicles with PTZ.

Crime scene tape with blurred police lights in the background, indicating a police crime scene.

3D Scanners

Crime scene documentation, evidence collection & architecture.

Black SUV with a telescopic surveillance camera mast, parked in a grassy field with mountain ranges and puffy clouds in the background.

Mobile RF Signal Booster

Greatly improve cellular (4G/5G) & 2-way radio (P25/DMR) signal strength.

Hitch-mounted RATT portable tower by USFWS and USGS for python monitoring in Florida's wilderness

Mobile RF Antenna

Rapid deployment for radio coverage gaps by mounting antenna 20-50 feet.

Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) outdoor speaker mounted on a black telescopic mast against a cloudy sky background.

Acoustic Hailing Devices

Portable voice broadcasts & safety alerts for crowd control.

Outdoor WiFi access point with four antennas mounted on a pole.

Outdoor WiFi

Safely stand up a temporary outdoor WiFi network for special events.

Outdoor point-to-point dish antenna mounted on a black telescopic mast.

Point-to-Point Wireless

Tactical high-speed connectivity in harsh environments for voice & data.

Portable light tower illuminating a nighttime police checkpoint with officers in reflective gear ensuring safety and visibility in Knoxville

Site Lighting

Light up crime scenes, checkpoints, road blocks, perimeters & more.

Counter-drone detection system mounted on a RATT pneumatic telescopic mast attached to a trailer, with Chicago Fire Department vehicles in the background.

Counter-Drone Detection

Monitor & detect UAVs (drones) by mounting the equipment up to 50’.

Silver RATT pneumatic telescoping antenna mast for P25 radios

UAV (Drone) Extender

Increase the drone’s maximum flight range via a compatible RF antenna.

A pole-mounted anemometer against a clear blue sky, used for measuring wind speed.

Meteorological Monitoring

Tactically deploy unattended ground sensors (UGS) or weather stations.

Pole-mounted air quality sensor with two tall antennas and trees in the background against a cloudy sky.

Biologic Air Sampling

Biologic threat detection & air sampling for the military, governments and HAZMAT teams.

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