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The RATT Hitch-Mounted Vehicle Mast allows for rapid deployment of cameras, lighting, and antennas, making it essential for first responders at incidents and events. Its quick setup and compatibility with any vehicle equipped with a Class III 2×2″ hitch make it a versatile and indispensable tool.

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Product Description

RATT Hitch-Mounted Vehicle Mast: Cover Any Incident or Event Quick!


In the critical world of emergency response, the right tools can make the difference between success and failure. The RATT Hitch-Mounted Vehicle Mast is designed to offer unmatched speed and reliability, turning any vehicle into an advanced mobile command center within minutes. This tool is crucial for a wide range of applications, from mobile video surveillance to a simple quick-deploy antenna mast, providing a stable platform for essential equipment in any emergency scenario.

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Deployment in Minutes.

1. Connect to Vehicle’s Hitch
2. Elevate Mast + Devices
3. Deploy in Minutes

Why Choose the RATT Pneumatic Telescopic Mast?

The RATT Hitch-Mounted Vehicle Mast isn’t just a piece of equipment; it’s a critical tool that rapidly transforms your response capabilities. Ideal for mounting mobile surveillance cameras, P25 or DMR radio antennas, or lighting, the pneumatic mast supports crucial gear above the scene to provide better vantage points from a safe distance and enhanced communication links. Its simple yet robust design allows for a single-person quick deployment, which is vital in critical situations where time is of the essence.

Quick and Reliable Setup
Emergencies wait for no one. The RATT Mast can be fully deployed in under 10 minutes, ensuring you’re ready to respond without delay.

Durability That Lasts
Built with high-strength, corrosion-resistant materials, the RATT Mast withstands the toughest environmental conditions, from the freezing cold to the blistering heat, ensuring reliability through countless deployments.

Universal Compatibility
Designed to fit most vehicles with a Class III 2″x2″ hitch receiver, this mast provides a versatile solution for any fleet, regardless of vehicle type.

Extensive Reach
With a height extendable up to 35 feet unguyed, the mast improves field visibility and signal range, crucial for effective command and control during operations.

Extensive Specifications

Base Compatibility: The Hitch Base easily attaches to any standard Class III hitch receiver + is field swappable with our tripod legs and wall mount! 

Construction Material: A mix of steel & aerospace-grade aluminum with a mil-spec primer + durable powder coat finish.

Operational Height: Depending upon mast selected, it’s adjustable from 10 to 35 feet, providing optimal elevation for many devices.

Payload Capacity: Engineered to securely deploy devices from 2 to 77 lbs depending upon telescopic mast selected. 

System Components: Includes a vehicle hitch base, mast, hitch pin & clip, hitch tightener, and a hand pump or optional electric pump for quick elevation.

Essential Applications

Emergency Management: Quickly establish eyes & ears to manage natural disasters or large-scale emergencies effectively.

Law Enforcement: Use for mobile surveillance or command & control during public events, critical incidents, or tactical operations.

Search and Rescue: Enhance the flexibility of search operations in challenging environments with quick-deploy RF antennas, lighting or cameras.

Event Security: Deploy at concerts, festivals, or sporting events to ensure comprehensive monitoring and safety.

The RATT surveillance tower deployed at Knoxville St. Patrick's Day parade for heightened security

Real-World Impact

“The RATT camera system is quickly & easily deployed, is great for special events and shows excellent potential for tactical situations. Technical support has been fantastic!” – Lt. William Wilson @ Knoxville Police Department

Commitment to Excellence

Our vehicle masts are rigorously tested under diverse conditions to meet the highest standards of durability and performance. When you choose The RATT, you’re not just buying a product; you’re investing in a reliable quick-deploy tool that enhances your team’s operational readiness and safety.

Take Action Now

Equip your team with the RATT Hitch-Mounted Mast today and transform how you respond to emergencies. It’s more than just equipment—it’s a vital part of your emergency response toolkit, ready to go whenever you need it.

Order now to ensure your team is prepared for anything.


Frequently Asked Questions about the RATT Hitch-Mounted Telescopic Mast

1. What vehicles are compatible with the RATT Hitch-Mounted Mast?

The RATT Mast is compatible with any vehicle that has a Class III 2″x2″ hitch receiver. This includes most SUVs, trucks, and certain UTVs, making it versatile for various emergency and operational vehicles. Also, if you’re not crazy about blocking off the tailgate or rear door, 2×2″ hitch receivers can creatively be added to the front of the vehicles (most trucks & some SUVs/UTVs) as well as welded directly to the vehicle frame. 

2. How quickly can the pneumatic mast be deployed?

The RATT Mast can be fully deployed in under 10 minutes. This quick deployment is possible due to its user-friendly design, which includes a manual or optional electric pump for effortless mast extension.

3. What is the maximum height of the mast?

The RATT Mast can extend up to 35 feet unguyed or 50 feet guyed, allowing for a wide range of uses in different conditions and settings, from enhancing visibility to improving RF communication signals.

4. What types of devices can be mounted on The RATT Mast?

You can mount a variety of devices on our masts, including surveillance cameras, communication antennas, lighting systems, weather equipment, and many other devices necessary for your deployments. We have a variety of telescoping masts with varying payload capacities so understanding your device specifications is key to ensuring the correct mast is selected. 

5. Is The Hitch-Mounted RATT durable in extreme weather conditions?

Yes, our vehicle-mounted tower is built from high-strength, corrosion-resistant materials designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions including extreme temperatures, wind, and precipitation, ensuring reliability and longevity.

6. Does the mast require any special tools or skills for installation?

No special tools or skills are needed. The RATT is designed for easy setup, with all necessary components included. Basic mechanical skills are sufficient to secure and elevate the mast as required.

7. Can the mast be operated by a single person?

Yes, The RATT is designed to be deployable by a single operator, which is ideal for situations where quick response and manpower efficiency are crucial.

8. How is the mast elevated or raised?

Our pneumatic masts can be elevated manually with the mast-mounted hand pump, which does not require any external power source. Alternatively, the optional electric compressor (pump) can be used for raising the mast by connecting it to the vehicle’s 12V DC outlet (internally with the cigarette plug or externally from the 7-way trailer plug).

9. What maintenance is required for The RATT?

Minimal maintenance is required. Regular inspections of hardware and occasional lubrication of moving parts to ensure smooth operation are recommended. The mast’s materials are designed to minimize the need for frequent maintenance but only the provided silicone grease should be used on the mast sections sparingly.

10. How can I purchase The RATT Vehicle Mast and what support is available post-purchase?

The RATT can be purchased directly through our website or by contacting our sales team. We offer comprehensive customer support, including deployment assistance, troubleshooting, and a warranty. Additionally, training sessions for proper use and maintenance are available upon request.

Additional Information

Weight N/A
Mast Model

30 ft Mast (39lb Payload Capacity)

Mast Color(s)

Black, Silver

Pump Options

Manual Hand Pump Only, Dual Pumps (Manual + Electric Compressor)

Hitch-Mounted RATT Rapid Deployment Kits Brochure

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