RATT Tripod-Mounted Telescopic Mast


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The RATT Tripod-Mounted Telescopic Mast allows for rapid deployment of cameras, lighting, antennas & more and is field swappable with other mast mounts improving deployment flexibility…

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Product Description

High-Performance RATT Tripod-Mounted Telescopic Mast for Versatile Deployments


Equip your team with the ultimate tool in operational flexibility, The RATT Tripod-Mounted Telescopic Mast. Designed specifically for quick-deploy operations, this freestanding pneumatic mast combines rapid deployment capabilities with unparalleled versatility and durability, ensuring you’re always ready for any emergency.

Our tripod mast is ideal for a freestanding deployment of an antenna mast to fill in RF dead spots, cellular signal booster to improve wireless coverage, surveillance camera to fix camera blind spots or temporary protection of soft targets, weather station equipment or other devices that require elevation for remote or long-term monitoring. The RATT telescoping mast is available in multiple sizes , multiple colors (silver or black) and weighs less than 100lbs!

Prepare for any situation, incident or event with our tripod-mounted telescopic pneumatic mast. It’s ideal for a wide range of applications—from overseeing large-scale events to managing emergency scenes or conducting environmental monitoring. The quick-deploy system allow for rapid setup and breakdown, while the compatibility with various mast mounts ensures you can adapt to any mission requirements with a single investment.

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Why Choose Our Tripod-Mounted Deployable Mast?

Our tripod-mounted deployable mast is not just a piece of equipment; it’s a critical asset for fast and effective emergency response. Built to meet the demanding needs of first responders, it features:

Field Swapability: Unique among its peers, this mast seamlessly integrates with two other RATT mast mounts—the hitch mount and the wall mount. This interchangeability not only future-proofs your investment but also provides multiple deployment options to suit any scenario, enhancing your team’s readiness and response capabilities.

Lightweight and Durable Design: Constructed from high-strength materials, our mast remains lightweight without compromising on durability. It’s designed to withstand the rigors of harsh environments, ensuring long-lasting performance in any terrain or weather condition.

Ease of Deployment: With a design that requires no guy wires under 33 feet, setup is quick and hassle-free. This ease of deployment is critical in emergency situations where time is of the essence.

Versatility Across Terrains: Whether you’re deploying on rocky ground, uneven terrain, or smooth surfaces, our tripod mast maintains stability and reliability, giving you the vantage point you need without the headaches.

Technical Specifications

Height Options
– Adjustable from 10 to 30 feet

Weight Capacity
– Can support devices up to 77 lbs depending upon the mast selected

– The mast is aerospace-grade aluminum for maximum strength and minimal weight while the tripod legs are stainless steel

Colors Available
– Tactical Black or Industrial Silver

What’s Included:
– “Foldable“ Tripod Mount
– The RATT Telescoping Mast
– Mast-Mounted Manual Hand Pump

Ideal Use Cases

Emergency Scenes

– Quickly establish a mobile command center with elevated RF and surveillance capabilities.

Public Events
– Monitor crowds and manage public safety discreetly and efficiently.

Environmental Monitoring
– Set up and relocate as needed to gather critical data in remote locations.


Don’t let another emergency challenge your readiness. Enhance your operational capabilities with our Tripod-Mounted Telescopic Mast today. Act now—your team’s efficiency and safety depend on it!


Frequently Asked Questions about the RATT Tripod Mast


  1. What is field swapability and how does it work with this mast?
    Field swapability means you can interchange the mast between tripod, hitch, and wall mounts depending on your deployment needs. This feature allows for quick adaptation in various settings, enhancing the pneumatic mast’s versatility without requiring additional tools in the field.
  2. How quickly can the tripod-mounted mast be deployed?
    The tripod mast can be fully deployed in under 10 minutes by one person. Its design prioritizes ease of use, allowing for rapid setup and disassembly without the need for guy wires under 33 feet (10m), making it perfect for quick deployments.
  3. What are the height options available for this mast?
    This telescopic mast can be adjusted to various heights, typically ranging from 10 feet to 30 feet, to accommodate different surveillance, antenna, communication or weather equipment needs.
  4. How does this mast perform in adverse weather conditions?
    Constructed with high-strength, weather-resistant materials, our masts are designed to withstand harsh conditions including wind, rain, and extreme temperatures, ensuring reliable performance when it matters most. Ratings will vary depending upon the mast & tripod selected.
  5. Can the tripod mast be used on uneven terrain?
    Absolutely! The 3-point leveling tripod legs are designed to provide stable support on uneven surfaces, making it ideal for use in varied geographical landscapes from urban areas to remote environments. Additionally, the mast includes a bubble level to ensure the best vertical positioning of the pneumatic mast.
  6.  What materials are used in the construction of the tripod mast?
    The tripod legs are made from stainless steel while the mast is made from aerospace-grade aluminum, which offers a superb balance of strength and lightweight properties for easy transportation and durability.
  7. Is the tripod-mounted mast portable?
    Yes. Despite its robust construction, the mast & tripod legs are lightweight (under 50 lbs each) and store compactly, making it easily portable for field operations and quick responses.

Additional Information

Mast Model

30 ft Mast (39lb Payload Capacity)

Mast Color(s)

Black, Silver

Pump Options

Manual Hand Pump Only, Dual Pumps (Manual + Electric Compressor)

Guying Kit

No, 1-Section Guying Kit, 2-Section Guying Kit

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