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Our pneumatic antenna mast is lightweight, durable, and extends up to 50 feet. Ideal for emergency services, military, and field technicians needing fast, dependable communication. Deploys in minutes with vehicle, tripod, and wall mounts available. Perfect for omni, yagi, P25, and DMR antennas. Boost your signal effortlessly!

Must select one – This is how you will deploy the mast the most!

Add a 2nd “field-swappable” mount to elevate the mast in more places!

Guying is optional for masts under 33′ but if you’re after precision + higher wind ratings, add a kit today!

Add an optional electric compressor in portable Pelican case or wall mountable enclosure

Need an antenna mount? Choose from the 4 options below.

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Product Description

Reliable Pneumatic Antenna Mast for Improved Communication

Are you looking for a reliable antenna mast to boost your radio signal? Our pneumatic antenna mast is portable, durable, and easy to use. It’s perfect for emergency services, military operations, and field technicians needing quick and flexible RF signal improvement.


Why Choose Our Pneumatic Antenna Mast?

Quick and Easy Deployments

Deploy our pneumatic telescopic mast in less than 10 minutes. With a simple pump or button press, you can extend the mast up to 50 feet. Save time and focus on your mission.


Lightweight and Portable

Made from high-quality aluminum, our mast is lightweight yet strong. It’s easy to transport and fits comfortably in your vehicle.


Adjustable Height and Load Capacity

Adjust the height of our mast for different needs. The mast can reach up to 50 feet and supports various weights:

– 50 feet: 22 lbs max payload

– 40 feet: 22 lbs max payload

– 33 feet: 39 lbs max payload

– 30 feet: 49 lbs max payload

– 26 feet: 44 lbs max payload

– 20 feet: 44 lbs max payload


Versatile Mounting Options

Vehicle Mount

Mount our antenna mast on your vehicle for mobile operations. Use a hitch mount, wheel mount, or trailer mount for secure and stable support.


Tripod Mount

For temporary setups, use our tripod mount. It’s perfect for events, remote locations, or emergency situations.


Guying for Stability

In windy conditions, use guying to keep the mast stable. Our mast includes options for extra support to prevent tipping.


Compatible with Various Antennas

Omni Antenna

Our mast works with omni antennas for 360-degree coverage. It’s ideal for wide-area communication.


Yagi Antenna

Use yagi antennas for long-distance point-to-point communication. Our mast supports these directional antennas.


P25 and DMR Antennas

Our mast supports P25 and DMR antennas, used in public safety and professional communications. Stay connected when it matters most.


Built for Durability

Our pneumatic telescopic mast withstands harsh conditions. Made from durable materials, it resists corrosion and damage. It performs reliably in extreme heat, cold, or rain.


Ideal for Various Applications

Emergency Services

First responders need reliable communication tools. Our pneumatic antenna mast provides the coverage needed in critical situations.


Military Operations

Quick, reliable communication is crucial in the field. Our mast offers the necessary height and stability for military antennas.



Elevate cameras and other equipment for better surveillance. Our mast provides a clear view of the surroundings.


Field Technicians

Field technicians can benefit from our mast’s versatility. It easily adapts to various tasks, improving efficiency and communication.


Disaster Response

In disaster areas, quick communication setup is vital. Our mast ensures you can get signals up and running fast, aiding in rescue and recovery operations.


Easy Maintenance

Maintaining our pneumatic telescoping mast is simple. Regular checks and lubrication keep it working smoothly. Use the provided silicone grease for the telescoping parts.



Our pneumatic antenna mast is the perfect solution for reliable, high-performance communication. It’s versatile, durable, and easy to use. Ideal for emergency services, military operations, field technicians, and more. Choose our pneumatic telescopic mast for top performance and reliability.

Order Now and boost your communication with our top-rated pneumatic antenna mast!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How quickly can the pneumatic antenna mast be deployed?
Our pneumatic antenna mast can be deployed in less than 10 minutes for unguyed setups. For fully guyed setups, deployment takes about 10-15 minutes. This quick deployment saves valuable time in critical situations.


2. What is the maximum height and weight capacity of the mast?
The mast can extend up to 50 feet. The weight capacity varies with height: 50 feet supports 22 lbs, 40 feet supports 22 lbs, 33 feet supports 39 lbs, 30 feet supports 49 lbs, 26 feet supports 44 lbs, and 20 feet supports 44 lbs.


3. What mounting options are available for the mast?
The mast is versatile and can be mounted using various options such as a vehicle hitch mount, wheel mount, trailer mount, tripod mount, and wall mount. This flexibility ensures it can be used in different environments and situations.


4. Is the pneumatic antenna mast compatible with different types of antennas?
Yes, our mast is compatible with various antennas, including omni antennas for 360-degree coverage, yagi antennas for long-distance point-to-point communication, and P25 and DMR antennas used in public safety and professional communications.


5. What maintenance is required for the pneumatic antenna mast?
Maintenance is simple. Regular checks and lubrication keep the mast functioning smoothly. Clean the moving parts and use the provided silicone grease as needed for the telescoping sections. This ensures long-term reliability and performance.

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50 ft (22 lbs max payload), 40 ft (22 lbs max payload), 33 ft (39 lbs max payload), 30 ft (49 lbs max payload), 30 ft (39 lbs max payload)


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