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Enhancing Mission-Critical Solutions: CTS Acquires and Rebrands MVS to The RATT

Critical Tech Solutions (CTS) today announced its acquisition of Venture Tec LLC’s Mobile Video Surveillance (MVS) System assets. This promising acquisition will enhance the ability of CTS to design and implement mission-critical solutions for governments and enterprises around the world.

“CTS is pleased to complete this acquisition so we can expand our capabilities into rapid-deployment portable tower solutions for our customers and stakeholders,” remarked Mark Dorn, CEO of Critical Tech Solutions. “We plan to rebrand the MVS System as the Rapid All-Terrain Tower, or The RATT, next month. With the acquisition of this technology, CTS will be able to further sharpen its strategic focus on providing mission-critical video, voice, and data solutions to government and enterprise customers domestically and around the world.”

Developed for public safety initiatives, the rapid-deployment telescopic mast MVS System is used by public safety agencies, military organizations, security agencies, and other organizations requiring high-quality mobile video surveillance. Readily deployable in minutes, the wireless Mobile Video Surveillance (MVS) System incorporates a patented, multi-angle telescopic mast mount to permit positioning of the mast vertically at any location, including on uneven or sloping terrain, for comprehensive video surveillance. Use the MVS System to get a camera or other device 30-50 feet in the air in minutes using Critical Tech Solutions’ all-terrain portable tower or connect the MVS System to the hitch receiver on SUVs, ATVs, or mobile command vehicles to have eyes on targets with live-stream feeds and high-quality surveillance in minutes.

A leader in video surveillance technologies, the Mobile Video Surveillance (MVS) System is currently deployed by the United States Military, Department of Defense, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Transportation Safety Administration, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and other federal and local public safety agencies. At each, the full power of the MVS System is harnessed to satisfy the surveillance needs of diverse mission-critical objectives in areas of video surveillance, search and rescue, advanced security details, accident response, peacekeeping, and other applications.

A leading rapid-deployment, telescopic mast solution, the MVS System meets the needs and objectives of initiatives affecting national security, site security, or public-at-large security. A versatile system, Critical Tech Solutions is proud to bring this technology to its customers and stakeholders to ensure they can stay ahead of targets and respond quickly with smarter command decisions in the field.

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