RATT RQ621 Single-Sensor Mobile Surveillance Tower


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Gain a tactical advantage with the RATT RQ621 Mobile Surveillance Tower, featuring a 30 ft pneumatic telescopic mast, one mast mount, and a state-of-the-art portable camera kit. Designed for quick deployment, this kit is perfect for monitoring special events, critical incidents, and areas requiring temporary enhanced surveillance.

Must select one – This is how you will deploy the mast the most!

Add a 2nd “field-swappable” mount to elevate the mast in more places!

Guying is optional for masts under 33′ but if you’re after precision + higher wind ratings, add a kit today!

Add an optional electric compressor in portable Pelican case or wall mountable enclosure

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Product Description

Cutting-Edge Mobile Video Surveillance Solution With RQ621 Single-Sensor Mobile Tower


Product Overview
Gain a tactical advantage with The RATT RQ621 Single-Sensor Mobile Surveillance Tower, featuring a 30 ft pneumatic telescopic mast, one mast mount, and a state-of-the-art portable camera kit. Designed for quick deployment, this system is perfect for monitoring special events, critical incidents, and areas requiring temporary enhanced surveillance.

Key Features

  • High-Definition Surveillance: Equipped with a 1080p PTZ camera that includes 31x optical zoom and a long-range 1,300-foot IR capability, ensuring clear images in all lighting conditions. Fully ONVIF compliant for broad compatibility.
  • Rapid Deployment: Deployable by a single person in under 10 minutes, providing elevated situational awareness swiftly and efficiently.
  • All-Weather Performance: The all-weather IP67 camera ensures reliable operation in any environmental condition.
  • Cloud-Connected System: Includes a one-year subscription to FirstNet, offering cloud VMS for local and remote access, ensuring you stay connected and in control.

What’s Included

  1. All-In-One Deployment Kit with RQ621 PTZ Surveillance Camera
  2. Connectivity Ready: Pelican-mounted 5G/4G LTE router with dual-band Wi-Fi.
  3. Comprehensive Wiring: Includes 50’ of threaded CAT6 cable and 25’ of 12V DC power cable.
  4. Power Solutions: PoE++ 12V DC Power Hub with a 60-watt capacity and a dual USB port with voltage display.
  5. Operational Control: iOS or Android tablet in a rugged case equipped with VMS software for operational flexibility.


  • Mast Type: 3039 Pneumatic Telescopic Mast with dual pumps, supporting up to 39 lbs.
  • Deployment: Choose from a 2” hitch base, freestanding tripod legs, or an articulating wall mount.
  • Elevation Time: 1.5-2.5 minutes via manual hand pump or 12V DC electric compressor.

Use Cases

  • Event Monitoring: Ideal for public events where high-quality surveillance is required.
  • Incident Management: Quickly deploy at the site of emergencies or unexpected incidents.
  • Tactical Operations: Support SWAT and law enforcement during critical operations.

Proven Effectiveness

Widely adopted by major law enforcement and emergency management agencies such as NYPD and Memphis PD, the RATT RQ621 has demonstrated exceptional performance and reliability across numerous high-stakes situations nationwide.

Customization and Flexibility

Field swappable capabilities allow the mast to be mounted in various configurations including vehicle, freestanding, or wall-mounted setups, providing unmatched operational flexibility.

Warranty and Support

Includes a standard one-year warranty with optional multi-year support plans available to extend both warranty and technical support, ensuring long-term reliability and assistance.

Integration Capability

Seamless integration with any ONVIF-compliant VMS or RTCC platform, facilitating easy adoption into existing surveillance systems.

Daytime Footage

YouTube video

Nighttime Footage

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Customer Testimonial

“In law enforcement, time is critical, and real-time surveillance is crucial. When we need eyes up fast, we deploy our RATT in minutes.” – Chief Tony Crisp @ Maryville PD


Don’t compromise on security. Enhance your surveillance capabilities today with the RATT RQ621 Rapid Deployment Kit. Order now to take advantage of our advanced monitoring solutions!


FAQs For RQ621 Rapid Deployment Kit with Portable Tower


  1. What makes The RATT RQ621 suitable for first responders?
    The RATT RQ621 is a self-contained portable camera kit specifically designed for rapid deployment, which is crucial for first responders. It can be set up by a single person in under 10 minutes, and powered from the vehicle or other simple 12v DC source, offering immediate elevated situational awareness. Its robust all-weather IP67 PTZ camera with powerful zoom and long-range IR capabilities ensures effective monitoring and response in diverse environmental conditions, making it ideal for emergency scenarios.
  2. How does The RATT RQ621 perform in low-light or nighttime conditions?
    The RATT RQ621 is equipped with a state-of-the-art 1080p PTZ camera that features a long-range laser-based infrared (IR) capability up to 1,300 feet (396 meters). This allows for clear and detailed monitoring even in complete darkness. The 31x optical zoom further enhances its ability to recognize and identify targets from a distance in poor lighting conditions, ensuring comprehensive surveillance around the clock. This makes the RQ621 an exceptional tool for nighttime operations or in scenarios where lighting is compromised, such as during power outages or in remote areas.
  3. Can The RATT camera be integrated with existing surveillance systems?
    Yes, The RATT RQ621 is ONVIF compliant, meaning it can seamlessly integrate with any ONVIF-compatible Video Management System (VMS) or Real-Time Command Center (RTCC) platform. This compatibility facilitates easy incorporation into existing surveillance systems, ensuring that users can enhance their current capabilities without significant infrastructure changes.
  4. What are the connectivity options for The RATT RQ621?
    The RATT RQ621 includes a Pelican-mounted 5G/4G LTE router with dual-band Wi-Fi, ensuring robust and reliable connectivity options but can be powered from any PoE++ source. It also comes equipped with 50 feet of threaded CAT6 cable and a 25 feet 12V DC power cable for additional connection flexibility. These features ensure continuous, stable communications for both local and remote monitoring.
  5. What warranty and support options are available for the RATT RQ621?
    The RATT RQ621 comes with a standard one-year warranty that covers technical support and firmware upgrades. Additionally, several multi-year support plans are available, offering extended warranty and technical assistance to ensure the system remains operational and up-to-date. These plans provide peace of mind and help maintain the system’s reliability over its operational life.


Customer Stories

Officers from NIPAS prepare the RATT system for operational use at a critical incident with a barricaded suspect.
Chicagoland SWAT Team Gets Elevated Surveillance in Real-Time

Maryville Police Department cruiser stationed next to a lineup of motorcycles, with a surveillance camera mounted for event security.
Rapid Watch: Maryville PD’s Bold Move Ensures Biker Bash Safety

Officer operating The RATT mobile surveillance camera at a DUI checkpoint, ensuring high-tech monitoring.
Complete Overwatch of DUI Checkpoint

Monitoring Storm Conditions in Real-Time

RATT Hitch-Mounted Rapid Deployment Kits Brochure

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