Law enforcement officers in full gear with shields during a night operation, exemplifying the need for two-way audio surveillance in critical situations.

Transform Safety with Two-Way Audio: Enhance Surveillance & Operations

Have you ever looked at security camera footage and wished you could hear what was happening on the scene? Have you spent months trying to get a single name or address of a suspect? Have you ever stood outside a hostage situation feeling helpless to keep either your officers or the civilians inside safe? If any of this sounds familiar, you could benefit from having a two-way audio surveillance system around. Read on to learn more about these systems and why they’re useful in surveilling.

What Is Two-Way Audio?

Much as the name suggests, two-way audio allows people on both ends of a P25/DMR radio or surveillance device to hear what is going on at the other end. This is a handy way to keep in touch with your team during operations. It can also be used to vet home security system alarms before you send your guys screaming out at top speed to respond to a cat knocking over a vase.

Two-way audio surveillance devices have both a microphone and a speaker on each end. This speaker may be attached to the surveillance device, or it may be in an earbud that your officers wear during operations. Oftentimes, these two-way audio devices are accompanied by some form of video surveillance.

Coordinating Operations

One of the best uses of two-way audio surveillance is in coordinating operations. Your team will be able to see and hear what’s going on at the scene remotely. They can then relay that information to officers in the field.

Having real-time, on-the-ground information about what’s happening at the scene can help your officers stay safer and can save seconds. You may be able to pin down where suspects are in an area or in a building and give officers intel about how to organize their strike. You can also pick up on things like gun shots or threats to ensure the safety of your officers.

Communicating with Victims

In some cases, you may be conducting surveillance on an area where hostages or trafficking victims are being held. This may be a part of a larger investigation or it might be part of routine surveillance measures, such as banks. Two-way surveillance can give you a way to communicate with victims during a sting operation so that they and your officers both get out safely.

Managing Hostage Negotiations

On the subject of hostage negotiations, two-way audio can give you a great way to communicate with the suspect. You don’t have to rely on phones to hear what’s going on in the building. You can listen in to everything they’re saying in order to capture better intel.

In certain situations, an experienced hostage negotiator may be able to use a two-way audio system to talk a suspect down. If that isn’t possible, this technology can at least provide more information vital to the situation.

Collecting Evidence

When you’re trying to uncover underground criminal organizations, every scrap of intel you can get is crucial. A nickname, an address, or a time can help you crack the case and set up a strong sting operation. Two-way audio surveillance can help you get the information you need to bust these rings up.

Two-way audio surveillance allows you to listen to what’s going on at a potential crime hot spot. You can confirm suspect identities based on vocal profiles, and you may be able to pick up on operation information, too.

Handling False Alarms

While many citizens feel safer with a security system in their home, false alarms can pose a real problem. If a home has a false alarm several times, your officers may not be as motivated to rush to the scene in the event of a real emergency.

A two-way audio surveillance system can be a great way to check if an alarm is false before they call law enforcement. They can listen to an audio surveillance device and even check in with the homeowner verbally to confirm if everything is okay. Only if they don’t respond, or respond in the negative will they call law enforcement.

Discover the Benefits of Two-Way Audio Surveilling

Two-way audio surveilling can be a great way to keep an ear out at crime scenes and during surveillance missions. You can better handle thefts and break-ins, deal quickly with false alarms, and collect better evidence during routine surveilling using these systems. You can also help to restore public trust and even manage hostage situations more safely.

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