Wall-Mounted RATT with pneumatic telescopic mast and 360° surveillance camera deployed by Valdosta State University Police for enhanced campus safety

Rapid Campus Surveillance: VSUPD's New Portable Video Tower Enhances Safety

The Valdosta State University Police Department (VSUPD) purchased a Wall-Mounted RATT with a 20’ silver pneumatic telescopic mast along with the RQ610 cloud-connected multi-sensor 360° surveillance camera with PTZ. The Wall-Mounted RATT was mounted to a small trailer already owned by VSUPD thereby leveraging an existing University asset and lowering the overall project cost.

According to VSUPD Chief C. Alan Rowe, “as a University, we have an extensive network of video surveillance to support the public safety of our students, faculty, and staff. Given that every day is different, The RATT portable tower gives us the flexibility to rapidly deploy video resources to any area of need, whether it be to support a special event or any potential threat area. Knowing I can get “eyes” on any area, very quickly, is a great relief…” Most recently, The RATT was deployed to provide parking lot surveillance at several NCAA Division II Football Championship games due to larger crowds, for an active shooter drill, Spring 2022 Commencement and in various locations across campus to fill in camera blind spots.

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