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Strategic Deployment of Surveillance Cameras: Optimal Timing and Placement

It’s no secret that the implementation of security cameras goes a long way in terms of boosting overall safety; however, it is not always obvious when you need to utilize surveillance cameras or where you should place them.

We’ve compiled a brief guide that details everything you should keep in mind. Let’s get started.

When Should You Deploy Security Cameras?

As you might guess, the first factor to consider when working with surveillance cameras is when they are required. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to recognize scenarios in which they are appropriate.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common applications.

Public Gatherings

Gatherings in public spaces are prime targets for domestic terrorism, violence, and other crimes, so it’s imperative that they are properly monitored. This could be something as simple as a neighborhood celebration at a local park, or it could be something more complex like a sporting event.

Regardless of the reason behind the congregation, public gatherings are made much safer by the presence of surveillance equipment. The number of security cameras you need will depend on the size of the gathering, but you should ensure that you have enough to establish comprehensive coverage.

Special Events

Unlike public gatherings, special events typically require a higher level of security. For example, an incident in which the mayor or chief of police addresses the city in a public space will require more surveillance compared to something that comes with less of a risk.

Other common types of special events include music festivals, local celebrations, etc. Due to the size and nature of special events, it’s not uncommon for law enforcement to maximize their presence in these areas.


It should come as no surprise that protests require extensive monitoring. This is beause even the most peaceful gatherings can quickly spiral out of control and cause significant damage to surrounding property.

In some cases, injuries can also occur.

Protests are unique in the fact that they shift geographically as the event goes on. This means that it’s essential to implement mobile surveillance equipment in order to properly monitor the entire area.

This type of surveillance equipment will provide law enforcement with a comprehensive view of the event throughout its duration.

Where Should You Place Them?

It should come as no surprise that knowing where to place surveillance cameras is just as important as knowing when to use them. After all, camera placement heavily influences how effective your surveillance is.

Below are a few of the most common placements.

Near Parking Lots

Unfortunately, parking lots are often hotspots for vandalism and theft. This is particularly true if the parking lot is not properly illuminated or is located in a remote area.

It’s also not uncommon for criminals to prey upon those who are walking back to their car alone after an event has concluded.

By placing surveillance equipment near parking lots, you can minimize both property damage and multiple types of violent crime. In fact, even the presence of security cameras can significantly deter these types of incidents from occurring.

In the event that a crime does happen, law enforcement can consult the security footage to gather evidence that allows them to find the perpetrator.


Entrances and exits are crucial for both preventing and solving crimes that occur. To elaborate, let’s assume that a man in a black hat and red jacket was responsible for physically assaulting someone during a public gathering.

Law enforcement can consult the security footage that was gathered throughout the duration of the event. Upon examination, they can determine when this individual entered the event, the occurrences that transpired while they were there, and when they left the event.

Having this data allows law enforcement to significantly improve their chance of apprehending the criminal.

Surveillance equipment positioned at entrances and exits can also be used for real-time monitoring. In the event that a person of interest is located at or near a gathering, law enforcement can monitor nearby security cameras to locate the individual.

Vantage Points

Security equipment is often placed in locations known as vantage points. These are areas where a single camera has a widespread view of the surrounding area.

For instance, a security camera might be placed along the upper portion of a baseball stadium so that it can monitor a large segment of the field and stands. Depending on the location of the event and type of gathering, applicable vantage points will vary between scenarios.

Areas of Particular Concern

Sometimes there are certain areas of a public gathering or special event that need additional security footage. A particular hallway within a venue, for example, might be a prime location for a robbery or assault.

As previously mentioned, situations like these require mobile surveillance equipment in order to achieve ideal results. As long as these factors are taken into consideration, it is unlikely that any complications will arise in the future.

Surveillance Cameras Are Essential

And it’s even more important for you to know when and where to use them. With the above information in mind, you will be able to integrate surveillance cameras appropriately and get the best results possible.

Want to learn more about our rapid deployment portable camera solutions? Feel free to reach out to us today and see how we can help.

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