Axis Q6100-E Multisensor Camera


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Discover unmatched surveillance capabilities with the Axis Q6100-E Network Camera. Offering a full 360-degree panoramic view with a 20 MP resolution, this camera pairs flawlessly with any AXIS Q61 PTZ Network Camera for detailed wide-area coverage. With features like one-click PTZ control, directional audio detection, and automatic motion tracking, this camera ensures you capture everything with precision. It’s ideal for urban security, monitoring intersections, and public spaces. Enjoy easy installation and calibration for quick setup. Secure your space with the Axis Q6100-E and gain comprehensive situational awareness around the clock.

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Axis Q6100-E Multisensor Camera 

Experience a revolution in monitoring with the Axis Q6100-E Network Camera (with or without the optional PTZ camera). This top-of-the-line 360-degree camera system is engineered to deliver a staggering 20 MP resolution, ensuring crisp, clear images that capture every detail across expansive areas. Whether overseeing city intersections, public squares, or critical infrastructure, this camera is built for comprehensive coverage.

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The Axis Q6100-E is not just a camera; it’s a seamless situational awareness powerhouse. Integrated effortlessly with any AXIS Q61 PTZ Network Camera, it transcends traditional surveillance by offering high-resolution panoramic views and the capability to hone in on details with a single click. The camera’s one-click PTZ control is intuitive, providing both vast overviews and intimate detailed shots without the hassle of switching devices.

Night or day, the Axis Q6100-E is vigilant, with four 5 MP sensors offering unparalleled clarity. Adjustability is key, and this camera doesn’t disappoint with exchangeable lenses on each sensor, adapting your view to meet specific surveillance needs. Specialized corridor format provides vertical video streams, perfect for monitoring narrow pathways and extensive roadways, ensuring critical areas are under constant watch.

The intelligent audio detection feature adds an extra layer of security. It actively listens for disturbances, directing the PTZ camera towards the source of any detected audio incident. Moreover, with automatic PTZ tracking, the camera keeps a steady focus on any motion, ensuring you never lose sight of important events.

Streamlining goes beyond surveillance with the Axis Q6100-E. Its installation process is a marvel of convenience, reusing the mounting bracket, power supply, and network cable from the AXIS Q61 series. And with autofocus plus positioning calibration, the setup is not only flexible but also precise, saving valuable time.

Choose the Axis Q6100-E for a robust, user-friendly, and efficient security solution that doesn’t just promise total surveillance but delivers a new standard of monitoring excellence.


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