Axis Q6135-LE PTZ Camera


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Explore the lightweight Axis Q6135-LE PTZ Camera: sharp image quality, advanced security features, and 820 ft night vision for robust, around-the-clock surveillance.

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Product Description

Axis Q6135-LE PTZ Camera – Precision Security Monitoring

Looking for a security camera that’s got your back, day and night? The Axis Q6135-LE PTZ camera has got you covered. This isn’t just any camera—it’s like having a trusty watchdog that never sleeps. Whether you’re keeping tabs on a city park after sunset or making sure a dark corner in a parking garage is safe, this camera gives you eyes where you need them most.

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With its super strong 32x optical zoom, you can spot a face from way across a field or read a license plate from the top of a building—clear as day. You won’t be squinting at blurry shapes, wondering what you’re looking at. No way. This camera pulls in the details, so you know exactly what’s going on, no guesswork needed.

But here’s the best part: when things start moving, the Axis Q6135-LE moves too. It can track anything that walks, runs, or rolls by. No need to manually control it—this camera is smart enough to follow the action all on its own. So if you’re worried about someone sneaking around, this camera can stay on their tail, letting you handle the situation.

It’s a no-brainer for places that get really dark. The Axis Q6135-LE lights up areas up to 820 feet out. That’s like seeing from one end of a football field to the other— in total darkness. And rain or shine, this camera keeps on giving you crisp images, thanks to its clever tech that brushes away raindrops in no time.

So, if you’re looking for a security camera that’s easy to use, sees in the dark, and can zoom in on a dime, the Axis Q6135-LE is the one for you. It’s a solid choice for making sure your place is safe, and it’s not going to leave you scratching your head trying to figure out how to use it. Peace of mind comes easy with this watchful eye on your side.

Overhead view of busy city intersection monitored by Axis Q6135-LE camera showcasing traffic flow and pedestrian safety.

Q6135-LE Key Features


Optimized Night Vision

Equipped with OptimizedIR technology, the camera extends night vision up to 250 meters, ensuring detailed imagery in complete darkness. The Lightfinder 2.0 feature provides vibrant color and clarity in low-light conditions, maintaining image sharpness day and night.

Advanced Analytics for Detection

With AXIS Object Analytics, the camera distinguishes between human and vehicle movements, allowing for custom surveillance settings tailored to specific security needs. Autotracking 2 and click and track functionalities give operators the power to monitor moving objects seamlessly.

Enhanced Security Features

The camera employs signed firmware and a secure boot process to protect against unauthorized access and ensure that the firmware remains uncompromised. The TPM module securely stores all cryptographic keys, bolstering the camera’s defense against breaches.

Efficient Data Management

Zipstream technology with H.264 and H.265 support reduces bandwidth and storage needs without sacrificing image quality. This efficient data management system ensures that storage and bandwidth are used effectively while maintaining high-quality video output.

Durable Design

Built to operate in various weather conditions, the camera’s speed dry function clears water from the dome glass quickly, ensuring a clear view. It can tilt 20° above the horizon, providing a wide-angle view and maximizing coverage area.

The Axis Q6135-LE is a high-performing, reliable, and secure PTZ camera, designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern surveillance and provide peace of mind.

FAQs for Axis Q6135-LE PTZ Camera

  1. How far can the OptimizedIR feature reach?
    The camera’s OptimizedIR feature can effectively illuminate distant objects up to 250 meters away in complete darkness, which can vary depending on the specific environmental conditions.
  2. Is this camera suitable for low-light conditions?
    Absolutely. The Axis Q6135-LE is equipped with Lightfinder 2.0 technology, which ensures clear, sharp images in poor lighting by enhancing the light sensitivity of the camera.
  3. What zoom capabilities does the camera have?
    It boasts a powerful 32x optical zoom, allowing for close-up views over long distances without losing image quality.
  4. What functionality does autotracking provide?
    Autotracking 2 with click and track enables the camera to lock onto and follow moving objects automatically, making it easier to monitor without constant manual adjustment.
  5. Can the camera differentiate between types of objects?
    Yes, it can. With AXIS Object Analytics, the camera is smart enough to detect and classify human and vehicle movements, which helps in focusing surveillance on relevant activities.
  6. What are the security features of this camera?
    The camera ensures cybersecurity with features like signed firmware to verify the authenticity of its software and secure boot to prevent unauthorized firmware from being installed. It also has a Trusted Platform Module for secure storage of encryption keys.
  7. How does the camera maintain clarity in the rain?
    The camera’s speed dry function is designed to quickly remove water from the dome, maintaining clear visibility even during heavy rain.
  8. How does the camera manage storage and bandwidth?
    Through Zipstream technology, which supports both H.264 and H.265 video compression formats, the camera significantly reduces bandwidth and storage needs while maintaining high-quality video.
  9. What is the video quality and frame rate of the camera?
    The Axis Q6135-LE delivers crisp, detailed video in HDTV 1080p resolution (2MP) at a smooth rate of up to 60 frames per second.
  10. Can the camera view above the horizon?
    Yes, the camera is capable of tilting 20 degrees above the horizon, which enhances its coverage and allows for better surveillance of areas that are usually out of view for standard cameras.


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