Mobile Surveillance Towers

Mobile Surveillance Towers

Most Popular Cloud-Connected Mobile Surveillance Towers:

Surveillance + Special Events + Critical Incidents
Bottom-Mounted 31x Optical Zoom PTZ with 1,300’ IR

Surveillance + Special Events + Critical Incidents
4 Fixed Sensors +32x Optical Zoom PTZ with 800’ IR +P25 Antenna

The RATT mobile surveillance towers by Critical Tech Solutions are a game-changer for public safety and outdoor security. Engineered for rapid deployment, these flexible camera towers provide a bulletproof way to monitor large areas with minimal effort. They are ideal for local or remote monitoring at special events, critical incidents & more. Each tower is equipped with IP cameras that offer unparalleled optical zoom and night vision capabilities, ensuring clear and detailed surveillance footage even in low-light conditions.

These mobile towers are rugged and waterproof, making them durable and reliable in all kinds of deployments irrespective of weather. They can be powered through vehicle connections at 12v DC, adding to their versatility and ease of use in the field. Our mobile surveillance towers also include internet connectivity via FirstNet, allowing remote access and real-time cloud monitoring from anywhere. This feature is particularly useful for security teams who need to keep an eye on multiple locations simultaneously.

Whether you need to secure a large public event, monitor a critical infrastructure site, or enhance situational awareness in an emergency, our mobile surveillance towers are the perfect portable surveillance solution. Their quick-deploy design means you can have them up and running in minutes, providing immediate surveillance capabilities and situational awareness in an all-in-one deployment solution self-contained in a single Pelican IP67 case with wheels, powered via a vehicle’s cigarette lighter or 7-way trailer plug (12v DC) and offer command & control from any internet-connected device anywhere in the world.

In addition to high-definition cameras, our towers can be customized with various sensors and communication devices, making them a flexible tool for a wide range of applications. This adaptability ensures that you can tailor the surveillance capabilities to meet your specific needs.

With our mobile surveillance towers, you get a reliable, efficient, and easy-to-use surveillance solution that enhances security and safety wherever it is deployed.

Public safety professionals know that effective surveillance is crucial for maintaining order and responding quickly to incidents. Our mobile surveillance systems are designed with this in mind, providing robust, real-time monitoring that helps keep communities safe. By investing in our mobile surveillance towers, you’re investing in peace of mind, knowing that you have a reliable system in place to monitor and protect critical areas.

At Critical Tech Solutions, we understand the unique challenges faced by public safety professionals. That’s why our mobile surveillance towers are built to be user-friendly, durable, and adaptable. Whether you’re dealing with a natural disaster, a large public gathering, or any situation requiring enhanced situational awareness, our towers are ready to deploy and provide the surveillance you need.

Choose Critical Tech Solutions for your mobile surveillance needs and experience the difference that advanced technology and thoughtful design can make in enhancing public safety. Our mobile surveillance towers are more than just equipment—they are a vital part of a comprehensive approach to security and safety in today’s world.

Have a custom Camera you want to mount?

Array of surveillance cameras on custom mounts, featuring a variety of sensors and an antenna for specialized security setups

30' RATT Portable Tower + Custom Camera Mount

Surveillance + Special Events + Critical Incidents

Includes 1 approved tower-top camera mount for a single device.

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