Officer setting up a high surveillance camera on a telescopic mast attached to a police vehicle at Maryville's motorcycle street party.

Enhanced Event Security: Maryville PD's Rapid Watch at Smoky Mountain Bike Week

Smoky Mountain Bike Week, the annual motorcycle riding event in East Tennessee, took over downtown Maryville in October. West Broadway Avenue closed to motorcycle traffic only for the B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Bike) Show where motorcyclists from all over gathered in the hundreds. 

The Maryville Police Department (MPD) deployed their Hitch-Mounted RATT mobile surveillance tower, along with a cloud-connected RQ621 mobile camera system, to actively oversee the motorcycle event. In less than 10 minutes, The RATT was quickly connected to the 2×2” hitch receiver of MPD’s Dodge Durango, establishing real-time surveillance both on-scene and remotely. Throughout the event, MPD maintained a heightened vantage point over the street, providing an additional security layer for crowd management.

According to Lt. Rod Fernandez, “The fact that The RATT can run off 12v power from the vehicle, or any adjacent 110v outlet, makes deployments easy and is also extremely beneficial in situations or incidents of extended length.”

The successful collaboration between law enforcement and innovative quick-deploy technology played a crucial role in the overall safety and management of the event. The RATT system’s quick setup and flexibility allowed the MPD to respond swiftly to any incidents, ensuring the safety of participants and bystanders. This deployment not only showcased the effectiveness of modern surveillance technology but also underscored the importance of preparedness and adaptability in managing large-scale public events. By providing comprehensive coverage and real-time monitoring, the MPD could maintain order and enhance the overall experience for attendees, setting a new standard for event security.

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