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The RATT 360° LED Portable Light Tower by Critical Tech Solutions is an innovative, noise-free lighting solution designed for the demanding needs of law enforcement and emergency management, providing instant illumination without warm-up times and operational hindrances. It features versatile deployment options, including vehicle mounting, freestanding setups, and fixed installations, and is engineered for low maintenance, high durability, and superior energy efficiency, making it an indispensable tool for a variety of critical and time-sensitive operations.

Must select one – This is how you will deploy the mast the most!

Add a 2nd “field-swappable” mount to elevate the mast in more places!

Guying is optional for masts under 33′ but if you’re after precision + higher wind ratings, add a kit today!

Add an optional electric compressor in portable Pelican case or wall mountable enclosure

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Product Description

Illuminate Scenes Like Never Before!

In the demanding world of law enforcement and emergency management, the difference between a situation under control and one that escalates can often be as simple as the quality and reliability of your lighting. Enter The RATT 360° LED Portable Light Tower by Critical Tech Solutions, a game-changer in outdoor operational efficiency and safety. Designed specifically with the needs of professionals in mind, this tower lighting solution stands out for its silent operation, immediate readiness without warm-up times, and unparalleled flexibility in deployment. 

Seamless Operation for Critical Missions

Instant Illumination Without the Wait

Gone are the days of waiting for your lighting to “warm up” or dealing with the noise pollution of traditional generators. The 360° LED Portable Light Tower offers instant, noise-free illumination, allowing you to focus on what really matters – the mission at hand. This feature is particularly vital in environments where every second counts, such as DUI checkpoints or emergency rescue operations.

Simplicity and Speed in Deployment

In scenarios where time is of the essence, the complexity of setup can be more than just a nuisance; it can be a hindrance to effective operation. With simplicity at its core, this portable light tower can be deployed quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your team is always ready to go without unnecessary delays.

Versatile Applications for Every Need

Adaptable for Any Situation

Whether you need to mount it on a vehicle for rapid response, set it up freestanding at a command center, or affix it to a trailer wall at a search and rescue operation, the 360° LED Portable Light Tower adapts to your specific needs. Its versatility makes it an indispensable tool in ensuring that your operations can proceed smoothly, no matter the circumstances.

Low Maintenance, High Reliability

Maintenance can often be a thorn in the side of operational efficiency. Recognizing this, our LED light tower is designed for low maintenance requirements, freeing up your team to concentrate on their tasks without the worry of equipment downtime. Coupled with its durability and the absence of the need for batteries or generators, this tower lighting solution is as reliable as it is efficient.

A Light on the Advantages of LED Technology

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Responsibility

The shift towards LED technology is not just a step forward in operational efficiency; it’s a leap towards environmental responsibility. The 360° LED Portable Light Tower not only provides superior lighting but does so with minimal energy consumption and without the carbon footprint associated with traditional lighting solutions.

Bottom Line

The 360° LED Portable Light Tower is more than just a piece of equipment; it’s a comprehensive lighting solution designed with the needs of law enforcement and emergency management professionals in mind. From its silent, instant illumination to its ease of deployment and low maintenance design, every aspect of this portable light tower has been crafted to enhance operational efficiency, safety, and effectiveness. Embrace the future of scene lighting with this cutting-edge technology and illuminate your operations like never before.

This field-swappable light tower is deployable on a vehicle via the 2” hitch base, freestanding on tripod legs or be fixed-mounted to a trailer or building wall. It can also be redeployed in the field in under 2 minutes!

The bundle includes:
– One Tower (16’/20’/30’)
– One Tower Mount: 2” Hitch Base, Freestanding Tripod Legs or Articulating Wall Mount
– Self-Contained LED Lighting Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK) with a 360° 24,500 lumen 150w LED light, 25’ power cable, Pelican-mounted 24v-12v DC converter, DC-AC power supply & 7-way trailer plug.

Any questions, please reach out to us.


1. How quickly can the 360° LED Portable Light Tower be deployed?

In just a few minutes on the hitch, tripod legs or wall mount. Its field-swappable design is focused on ease of setup to ensure rapid deployment.

2. Does the light tower require a lot of maintenance?

No, it doesn’t require a generator or batteries and is designed to run off your vehicle’s 12v DC power (or 110v AC sine wave inverter) to keep your operations running smoothly without unnecessary downtime.

3. Can it really operate without noise?

Absolutely. The tower avoids use of a generator so it provides silent operation, making it ideal for all environments, especially residential areas or nighttime operations.

4. Is there a need for external batteries or generators?

No, the design eliminates the need for external power sources, making it more convenient and environmentally friendly. However you could easily plug our 12v DC power cable into a battery pack or generator should you wish!

5. How does the LED technology benefit the environment?

LED lights are more energy-efficient and have a lower carbon footprint compared to traditional lighting options.

6. Can the light tower withstand harsh weather conditions?

Yes, given the tower lighting’s IP67 rating, it’s built to be durable and reliable, even in challenging weather conditions.

7. Is the 360° LED Portable Light Tower suitable for all types of emergency response and law enforcement operations?

Yes, its versatility, quick deployment, and efficient lighting make it suitable for a wide range of operations, from DUI checkpoints to search and rescue missions.

Additional Information


16', 20', 30'

Pump Options

Manual Hand Pump Only, Dual Pumps (Manual + Electric Compressor)

Mast Color

Silver, Black

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