Hitch-Mounted RATT Connect

1 Pull pin & clip to remove The RATT from parking spot

2 Roll to the back of the vehicle and insert angled end of The RATT into the 2×2″ hitch receiver (wheels remain on the ground)

3 Using the shelf, lift the back of The RATT off the ground and slide forward into the hitch receiver until holes are lined up

4 Insert hitch pin & clip then slide anti-rattle clamp + silencer pad to hitch receiver & hand-tighten both nuts

5 Remove 3/4″ wrench from left pouch and tighten nuts (alternate sides until both are tight)

6 Prior to transport, ensure RATT base handle is tight & magnetic pin is secured

7 Load Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK) into vehicle & go

Additional Training

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