Hitch-Mounted RATT RQ621 Mobile Surveillance Tower Elevate & Deploy

1 Remove RDK from vehicle, place on ground & open it

2 Completely remove magnetic pin & handle and place into open holes in the shelf

3 Slowly lower the mast away from the vehicle until it reaches the stopping point

4 Insert camera into top of mast, tighten mast thumb screw then unthread ethernet cap on the camera bottom

5 With the ethernet cable in-hand, line up one notched cable end with the connector on camera bottom then thread until tight

6 Secure red safety cable to red eyebolt on camera bottom & open all locking collars prior to elevating mast

7 Adjust the mast towards the vehicle until it’s vertical using bubble level then tighten handle

8a To elevate via the hand pump, ensure hand pump hose is connected to mast and valve is closed (located at base of hand pump)

8b To elevate via the electric pump, ensure electric pump hose is connected to mast and valve is closed (located under NEMA box)

9 Use hand or electric pump to elevate mast until desired height is reached

10 Connect the other end of the ethernet cable to either connector on the right side of the small pelican, then securely thread

11 To power, line up the green notched end of cable on the left side of the small Pelican, thread on, then plug into vehicle’s 12v accessory plug

12 Scan QR code to download Companion for iOS, Android, or Windows

13 Open Companion app or Chrome browser to deploy

Additional Training

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