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Optimize Your Surveillance with Axis Companion and RATT Cameras


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Enhance your surveillance capabilities with Axis Companion, the default video management system (VMS) for the RATT RQ621 and RQ610 cameras. Designed for simple cloud-connected camera deployments, Axis Companion integrates seamlessly with Axis cameras, delivering high-definition video and advanced analytics for comprehensive security coverage. Not only that, it gives you effortless control from anywhere on Windows, iOS or Android.

Axis Companion is user-friendly, allowing easy installation, configuration, and management through a mobile app or desktop client. Key features include motion detection, remote access, and secure video storage, ensuring continuous monitoring of your premises. This robust system offers reliable performance for retail, offices, and other commercial environments.


Simple Deployments

Supporting up to 16 cameras, Axis Companion is ideal for simple surveillance camera deployments. Its scalable architecture and high-quality video capabilities ensure precise monitoring of critical areas. The system provides real-time alerts and efficient incident handling while maintaining high data security standards.

The Axis Companion app is more than just a surveillance system; it is a comprehensive security solution tailored to your unique surveillance needs. Trusted for its reliability and innovation, Axis Companion helps safeguard your assets and ensure a safe environment for employees and customers alike. Upgrade your security with Axis Companion and the RATT RQ621 and RQ610 cameras for superior mobile video surveillance.

Secure Remote Access

With secure remote access technology, you can control your cameras from anywhere, and view and export recorded footage, going back for a month or even more. Also, thanks to the flexible user management it’s also easy to control what different users have access to in the system.


Training Resources

Axis Companion Training Videos…Click below to watch the 17 video playlist!


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