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Ensure Safety at Outdoor Events: 5 Key Tips for Effective Surveillance

As the world starts to reopen and more places are hosting large-scale events, the need for event security has never been more important.

From crowd control and bag checks to deterring and preventing terrorist attacks, law enforcement and security teams need the best equipment and tactics in place.

Outdoor events pose an especially difficult challenge. With no clearly defined entrances and exits, thousands of attendees, and plenty of visual roadblocks, team members need to be on high alert at all times.

These five tips for implementing outdoor surveillance can help with event security, keeping law enforcement, employees, and guests safe.

1. Establish a Perimeter

One of the biggest challenges of outdoor event security is establishing a perimeter. 

Indoor events and venues have clearly defined entrances and exits, making it easier to monitor who’s coming and going. Outdoor events are often wide-open and cover a much larger area. 

It’s much easier for someone looking to do harm to gain access to the event site. 

Start by using barricades or fences to create an obvious area for patrons to congregate. This way, you can keep a close eye on attendees.

Put team members by each entrance and exit of the makeshift perimeter.

Amp up your event security by implementing overhead surveillance. With “eyes in the sky” you get a much better vantage point of the entire event, including potential dangers. 

While drones work well in many situations, deployments are limited due to flight restrictions near crowds and weather. Instead, implement The RATT telescopic mast for mobile video surveillance in minutes.

Thanks to The RATT’s rapid deployment telescopic mast system, teams on the ground can extend the tower to 30-50 feet in minutes. You can also control the pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera from the safety of a vehicle or remotely from any iOS, Android or Windows device. 

2. Get to Know the Area

When planning event security for an outdoor gathering, visit the site beforehand. Now, you can see what the area looks like before it’s crowded with hundreds of people.

Take note of the terrain, surrounding areas, and layout. If the event is a concert, where will the stage be? Will attendees be sitting in chairs or standing?

Is the perimeter surrounded by woods? If so, this may create visibility issues. 

The more familiar you are with the event location, the better you can prepare and implement adequate event security. Learn more about establishing situational awareness here, day or night.

3. Create a Strong, Visible Presence

Studies show that the mere presence of uniformed officers and surveillance equipment can actually deter crime. Criminals and terrorists are much more likely to attack a vulnerable situation.

On the day of the outdoor event, make sure there are plenty of uniformed team members on hand. Position several officers around the perimeter, including at all marked entrances and exits.

Other team members should also monitor the outskirts of the event location, preventing a breach by unwanted individuals.

Just because the event is outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t implement overhead cameras and lighting, creating even more of a deterrent for those looking to do harm.

The RATT’s telescoping tower lets you deploy a variety of equipment from cameras and lighting to antennas for improved radio communications.

Lights increase visibility during nighttime events and reduce the number of shadows and blind spots.

4. Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Shared information and communication are crucial for keeping everyone safe during a large-scale outdoor event. All security members should have a two-way radio or walkie-talkie.

Have team members regularly check in with one another and alert other members of any potential threats or suspicious behavior. Encourage those not on your security team to report all suspicious activity to the event security staff.

Discourage attendees from taking matters into their own hands. 

A missed warning or piece of information could be the difference between a successful, safe outdoor event and a tragedy.

The RATT’s telescoping mast allows teams to establish point-to-point wireless communication, a mobile antenna deployment or a mobile cellular signal booster.

This equipment can help the lines of communication stay open, regardless of weather conditions.

5. Think and Move Fast

Emergencies and tragedies can happen in the blink of an eye.

Event security is all about expecting the unexpected and being prepared to act quickly and efficiently. This starts with highly trained and experienced members of your team.

In addition, you need event security and surveillance measures put in motion at a moment’s notice. 

Is there a situation on the other side of the outdoor event? Do you suspect suspicious drone activity in the air?

You don’t have time to put a plan in motion when the danger is already close by.

Speed and ease of use are two more things that make The RATT a must-have tool for surveillance teams. Any member of your team can quickly and easily deploy The RATT.

There’s no training required. All you need is a vehicle with a 2×2″ hitch. This includes trucks, SUVs, and most ATVs. The minute a threat is detected, your team can swiftly move into action.

After deploying the necessary equipment within minutes (and on all terrains) and gathering vital information, your team can address and eliminate the potential threat. 

Don't Take Any Chances With Your Team's Outdoor Event Security Measures

You can never be too careful when planning event security for an outdoor gathering. From reduced visibility to unfamiliar terrain, outdoor event surveillance poses a host of unique challenges.

The good news is, with the right plan and equipment in place, you can ensure everyone has a safe and positive experience.

The RATT telescoping mast is a versatile tool used by law enforcement, the military, and emergency management teams across the country.

Thanks to its versatility and ease of use, security teams can act swiftly to help prevent tragedies and manage emergencies. 

Say good-bye to outdoor surveillance issues caused by inclement weather, poor reception, and harsh environments.

Request a quote today and say hello to the future of video surveillance and security. 

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