Telescopic Masts

Telescopic Masts

Pneumatic telescopic masts are a cornerstone technology for first responders who rely on mobile video surveillance, antenna deployments, and RF signal enhancement during public events and critical incidents. These masts offer a versatile, reliable, and rapidly deployable solution to meet the dynamic demands of emergency and public safety operations.

Our range of pneumatic telescopic masts encompasses hitch-mounted, tripod-mounted, and wall-mounted options, each tailored to different operational needs but unified by their ease of use and quick deployment capabilities. The hitch-mounted masts are ideal for vehicle-based operations, allowing for swift movement and setup directly from response vehicles. This type is particularly useful in urban environments where mobility and time are of the essence.

For more stationary or temporary setups, such as at a concert or festival, our tripod-mounted masts provide stability and elevation in areas where vehicles may not reach. These are particularly suited for creating elevated vantage points for cameras or boosting RF signals above crowds without the need for vehicle support.

Wall-mounted masts offer a semi-permanent solution for facilities and fixed posts where ongoing surveillance or communication is required. These masts can be installed on the exterior of buildings, along perimeter walls, or in other strategic locations to enhance security coverage and signal reach continuously.

A unique feature of our pneumatic telescopic masts is their “field swappable” capability. This innovative design allows a single mast to be easily detached and reattached to different mounting bases—hitch, tripod, or wall—without specialized tools or excessive downtime. This flexibility ensures that first responders can adapt their equipment quickly to the specific demands of each situation, whether transitioning from a moving operation to a fixed point of surveillance or changing deployment sites frequently during an event.

By integrating these masts into their operational toolkit, first responders can simplify technology management, enhance situational awareness, and improve communication reliability in a variety of environments. Whether monitoring a large public gathering, coordinating efforts at a critical incident scene, or enhancing communication infrastructure during an emergency, our pneumatic telescopic masts provide a robust, adaptable, and efficient solution for modern public safety challenges.

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