Portland police officers equipped with riot gear at night, highlighting the need for mobile video surveillance technology in law enforcement for increased safety and crime deterrence.

Innovative Benefits of Mobile Video Surveillance for Law Enforcement

CCTV cameras are effective deterrents of crime, like burglaries and break-ins. They also capture video footage for any crime that happens within its field of view. This has proven to be effective in identifying criminals. However, more traditional types of video surveillance are sometimes not enough for our modern needs. Law enforcement needs something more reliable and trustworthy, as CCTV cameras have quite a few disadvantages.

This is where mobile video surveillance cameras come in. They patch some holes in traditional systems to provide greater surveillance whenever and wherever. Continue reading to see how they’re better in some ways.

1. Solar Power

One of the biggest benefits of mobile surveillance systems is that they can use solar energy. You don’t have to plug them in, and they have battery back-ups in case they don’t get enough solar power. As they’re self-sustaining, they eliminate the need for electricity or gas generators.

This provides optimum security even in places without electricity. This feature can also be useful during short-term events, like festivals.

You also don’t have to worry about going “dark” in the event of a power outage. You can ensure recording will continue so that no crime can go undetected.

The drawback here is that this system requires consistent maintenance or the benefit is gone.

2. Flexibility

Because they’re self-sustaining, mobile video surveillance cameras are useful anywhere, even in off-grid locations. They’re not tied to electricity or the internet, so they’re suitable for both urban and remote areas.

This way, you can provide security without compromise. You can be sure you’re always going to get 100% of your security needs.

This type of surveillance system also makes it easy to scale up or down.

Do you need to secure the area more or do you need to relocate some units? This isn’t a problem with mobile surveillance camera towers.

You can place them low down, high up, or anywhere you’d like.

3. Wireless Streaming

Mobile surveillance systems are always wirelessly streaming. This ensures law enforcement can stay mobile as well.

They stream straight to any computer or mobile phone. This means you don’t need any additional fancy equipment to see a live stream video of what the camera sees.

You can always store the footage and use it as evidence or keep it for future reference.

If a crime occurs, you can spot it in real-time and then save the footage for evidence. A bonus is that it has security features for the safekeeping of the footage.

4. Evidence

As mentioned, they can record and store any footage for possible use as evidence. Their 24/7 monitoring capability, 360-degree bird’s eye view, and immunity to power outages make them the best choice for not letting any crime go undetected. A mobile surveillance system has 2MP or better cameras, too, so you always have a clear video.

It can have audio recordings, as well, which can help solidify any case against criminals.

In some cases, this is better than an actual security person. Why?

Human memory is fallible; that’s why eyewitness accounts aren’t always dependable. Human memory doesn’t play back like a video recording.

It’s like putting puzzle pieces together; and, more often than not, some pieces are wrong and/or missing.

Mobile surveillance cameras, however, have actual video recordings you can play back to anyone.

5. Alternative to Additional Personnel

Law enforcement has to juggle many tasks, and they’re always on the go. This means they can be extremely busy at times and may not have enough resources for everything.

This is why a mobile surveillance system is beneficial. It can provide the security needs of any individual, business, or institution. With a 360-degree view of the area, the need for an actual person decreases.

All it needs is a small team for monitoring and dispatching if something goes awry.

6. Deterrent of Crime

Mobile surveillance systems are quite large, and as such, they’re pretty easy to spot. This can be a disadvantage to some, but it can also be an advantage.

With mobile systems, you don’t have to be passive about your security. The sight of the camera alone can be a deterrent to suspicious people. Due to its size, no one will attempt to commit a crime in its vicinity.

You can also configure it with blinding strobe lights, loud sirens and even deliver audio commands if you want.

This gives the illusion that you mean business and you’re taking security seriously. It means you’re actively monitoring, which may deter some criminals.

7. Cost-Savings

The upfront cost of security and setting up permanent types of video surveillance is quite high, and for temporary projects, these costs can be unjustifiable.

A mobile surveillance system, on the other hand, requires minimal installation. It’s not a permanent fixture, making it perfect for temporary security needs.

You only need to deploy the units, set them in the right position, and you’re good to go.

Manned security can take up precious time and resources of law enforcement. Because mobile systems reduce the need for manned security, they can result in additional cost savings.

8. Rapid Deployment

Since there’s no need for installation, you can deploy mobile surveillance systems faster. You can have an area secured in a matter of a few minutes, which is especially important for high-profile projects.

Once it has done its job, it’s easy to get them off the property, too. The lack of wiring and infrastructure makes clean up a breeze.

Get Mobile Video Surveillance Cameras Now

The RATT’s Mobile video surveillance cameras help law enforcement overcome many modern challenges. In the age of electricity and the internet, what you need is a tool without these limitations.

Are you looking for the ideal mobile video surveillance equipment? We’ve got you covered. Contact us now for more details.

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