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Upgrade Your Security: 7 Essential Benefits of Modern Surveillance Systems

The deployment of mobile surveillance cameras with cloud-based video management systems (VMS) is growing at an unprecedented pace. What’s causing this trend?

The increased need for faster, more efficient ways of doing just about everything is flowing over into the world of video surveillance. The days of old grainy videos and lost footage are long gone.

The introduction of cloud-based storage and real-time streaming video is changing the way citizens, law enforcement, and other local agencies track and monitor activity.

Are you looking to invest in or upgrade your current mobile video surveillance system and/or camera tower? Keep reading to discover 7 benefits of utilizing this valuable security tool.

1. Evidentiary Recordings

The game of “he said, she said” doesn’t cut it when handling law enforcement investigations and other serious incidents. You need clear, time-stamped video evidence.

Video surveillance footage could mean the difference between winning or losing a case.

Evidentiary recordings are also important for business owners and other local agencies. Not only can you track and monitor activity across various locations, but store that data for future use or review.

There may come a time when you need to verify information and events. A reliable video surveillance system helps you recall pertinent dates and activities. It also helps in criminal cases and investigations.

2. Real-Time Footage

Seconds matter in the event of an emergency. Whether you’re monitoring a large-scale event or keeping a close eye on a potential crime scene, real-time footage could potentially save a life.

A quality video surveillance system is fast, efficient, and capable of providing live-stream footage to team members who need it most.

The best video surveillance systems are mobile, offering a unique vantage point over a large area. The RATT telescopic vehicle mast lets you deploy cameras, lights, and other surveillance equipment in seconds.

Reaching heights of 20-50 feet and compatible with any vehicle with a 2×2″ hitch, streaming real-time video has never been easier or more convenient.

3. Deter Crime

A study by the University of North Carolina found that half of the surveyed burglars admitted they’d flee the scene of a crime if it had a video surveillance system in place.

The mere presence of security deters criminals and reduces crime and unpleasant incidents.

Large-scale events, including concerts, festivals, and corporate gatherings, are breeding grounds for crime. Terrorists and other individuals looking to do harm often target events with large crowds.

Loud noises and plenty of distractions make it difficult for law enforcement and other agencies to closely monitor all areas of the venue.

Having a video surveillance system in place can help reduce unwanted crime, attacks, and other incidents.

4. Increased Visibility

Regardless of how many officers you have on hand during an event, it’s impossible for them to monitor and assess every threat. Security and law enforcement officers can only see and do so much.

Not only are they tasked with monitoring the crowds and attendees, but also keeping themselves out of harm’s way. That means being diligent and aware of their surroundings at all times.

Utilizing a mobile video surveillance system offers an eye in the sky for the men and women on the ground.

With several RATT telescopic masts to choose from, you can quickly deploy a camera, light, or antenna. The patented, multi-angle mount allows teams to vertically position their equipment for optimum vantage points — day or night.

While drones are another popular option for keeping an eye overhead, they’re often limited by inclement weather. Rain, wind, and other factors can decrease visibility, potentially putting officers at risk.

Other potential pitfalls of drones include fixed camera angles and limited streaming capabilities. Keep everyone safe by investing in high-quality surveillance equipment that’s deployed and positioned properly.

5. Immediate Access to Data and Information

The days of scrolling through countless hours of video footage to find a suspect or solve a crime are long gone. Advanced video surveillance systems allow users to access data and information as it unfolds.

Cloud-based video storage means you can look back at previous events and activities to recall pertinent information. Most cloud-based surveillance systems store video for a minimum of 30 days or as long as required.

6. Ease of Use

Video surveillance isn’t just efficient — it’s also simple to use.

If you know how to work an iPad or other smart devices, you can easily toggle through various cameras, adjust their angles, and zoom in and out as needed.

A quality video surveillance system doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, anyone can deploy the RATT mobile camera tower for fast, efficient surveillance anywhere, any time — no experience needed.

The RATT can deploy high-tech surveillance equipment in less than 10 minutes! Once elevated, team members have immediate access to live-stream footage. Utilize a PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera for 360° visibility.

7. Remote Access

Remote surveillance monitoring is another growing trend that allows you to access cameras from anywhere at any time. Log in from your office, on your smartphone, or from a real-time crime center (RTCC).

This increases productivity and efficiency across agencies and team members. Cut down on confusion, miscommunication, and costly errors by guaranteeing everyone is on the same page.

Most systems are connected to a main system or hub. Here, team members can view and monitor several cameras at once and simultaneously.

Never miss a beat with 24/7 remote access to your equipment.

Invest in a Quality Video Surveillance System Today

Security and safety can’t wait. Don’t wait until tragedy strikes to invest in a video surveillance system.

Whether you’re monitoring your office building, planning a large-scale event, or are part of a law enforcement agency, The RATT telescoping mast can take your video surveillance to new heights — literally!

Learn more about how customers deploy The RATT and view it as an indispensable tool for any rapid mobile surveillance operation.

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